About Us

Why choose Us?

What do we offer?Live recording, tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering with optional video recording and editing. Bring your musicians or book our roster of recording pros to make your project come alive.

From recording your drum parts with backing tracks, through voice over work, to recording the whole band, we do it all. Listen to the music made in our studio and see some video shots on the Samples page.

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us?Because we are reliable and make you comfortable.

To be reliable means to be on time. We deliver any work at a specified time and we can meet your most urgent deadline while striving to make you feel comfortable and at home in our studio. We offer flexible pricing depending on your project. Contact us for details, let's talk!

Why choose Us?

What tools do we use?All necessary hardware and software to take care of your project.

Our main DAW is ProTools but we can export and save sessions in Logic as well. Our post-production suite can process and export all file formats using professional file converters. We also know video and can shoot, edit and prepare your clips for social media. See more on Equipment page.


Are we Experienced?Our engineer, Maciek Schejbal.

Maciek is a drummer, composer and producer. For 20+ years he taught music production and drumset classes at the world renowned Drummers Collective school in Manhattan while running his own recording studio, which he continues to operate today. Visit Maciek's website.